What We Do

Cardinal North harnesses cross-border business acumen, combined with expansive networks and deep global cognizance, to expertly assess and mitigate location-specific risks. Our duty of care is manifested by equipping clients with tailor-made risk mitigation and threat reduction strategies, ensuring security and reliability across diverse international environments.

Our capabilities are designed for adaptability, resilience, and operational excellence in any location. Our commitment to comprehensive risk mitigation, strategic insights, and circumstantial training allows us to foster secure and reliable client experiences in the midst of diverse international scenarios.

Travel Risk Management
  • Pre-Travel Location Survey & Assessment
  • Strategic Itinerary Planning & Advising
  • Discrete Personal Protection & Accompaniment
  • Secure Tracking & Communication
  • Real-Time Threat Monitoring & Reporting
  • Immediate Deployment of Crisis Intervention Assets
Professional Training
  • Situational Awareness & Enhanced Self-Sufficiency
  • Threat Identification & Measured Response
  • Crisis Intervention & Trauma Management
  • Electronic & Physical Signature Reduction
  • Cultural Awareness & Cross-Cultural Competency
  • Preparation for Hostile & Remote Environments
Threat Vulnerability Assessment
  • Critical Infrastructure Security & Resiliency
  • Port of Entry Security Compliance & Planning
  • Counterterrorism Hardening Measures
  • End-to-End Supply Chain & Third-Party Monitoring
  • Continuity of Operations Planning
  • Preparation, Response and Recovery Strategies
Strategic Advising
  • Due Diligence Research & Intelligence Acquisition
  • International Trade Regulatory Compliance
  • Foreign Market Entry & Competition Analysis
  • Federal & State Political Campaigns
  • International Government & Global Affairs
  • Public-Private Partnerships